Clodhopper Farm
Springville, Pennsylvania

Specializing in Pasture-Raised Meats
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Pasture Raised Chicken

    Our chickens are raised in portable, floorless pens out on our pastures. They get as much as 30% of their nutritional requirements from the grass and insects they eat.  The other 70% of their diet is provided by a custom made ration of corn, oats, soybeans and minerals.  We process our chickens right on the farm.  They are available by reservation and most customers pick them up in the afternoon of the butchering day.  They are available as whole birds only and average about 5 1/4 lbs. The high quality feed and fresh forage provided by moving pasture pens daily, give the birds a superior flavor to chickens raised in concentrated confinement.  Because our chickens are not overcrowded and are given access to fresh air and pasture, antibiotic use is unnecessary for them to thrive.

Pasture Raised Turkeys

     Our turkeys are raised using portable electrified poultry netting which gives the birds large pasture and protects them from predators.  The turkeys sleep at night in a portable shelter.  Turkeys like to walk and forage and make good use of the extra pasture.  Turkeys are capable of getting 50% of their nutritional requirements from pasture.  Their fence is moved to fresh pasture every day.  Like chicken, our turkeys are also available by reservation.  We process the turkeys on the farm the week of Thanksgiving so that they do not need to be frozen.  Turkey weights range from 14 to 25 lbs. Our turkeys are not treated with antibiotics.

Pasture Raised Eggs

     During the growing season our layer hens rotate around the pastures eating insects and forage.  They spend their nights in the "Cluck Truck" which is a sort of poultry caravan built on an old wagon running gear.  It has enough room in it for roosts, a supplemental feed trough and some nest boxes.  The eggs from these pastured hens have a bright orange yolk and a great flavor.
During the winter months the hens spend their time in a greenhouse which gives them as much natural light as the short winter days allow.  While not quite as flavorful as pastured eggs they are still very good.

Grass Fed Beef

     We raise our cattle using a  rotational grazing system in which the cows are moved to fresh pasture every day.  This practice ensures that  our animals are getting the best grass possible.  Other benefits include the disruption of the parasite cycle which greatly diminishes the need for worming.  It also increases the overall production of our pastures by keeping them from being grazed again until they have recovered from previous grazing. We do not use growth hormones on our cattle nor do we routinely administer antibiotics to them.  Very rarely do any of our cattle require any antibiotic treatment at all.

Natural Pork

     Our Pigs are raised either on pasture or in deeply bedded pens, not on concrete.  They are fed grain and minerals.  We do not use growth hormones or routine antibiotic treatment.  Antibiotics are used only when they are absolutely necessary and a vast majority of our pigs are never treated at all.

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